Spring 2023 Submissions Are Open Now! Due by February 28th by 11:59 PM.

Submission Decisions will be released by late April.

How to submit a paper to the Berkeley Undergraduate Journal:

First, make sure you are eligible. Fill out this form to make sure (you must use your CalNet credentials to access). Only current UC Berkeley undergraduate students and recent graduates (one year since graduation) are eligible to submit.

I. Manuscript Preparation

  1. Typed in a Word document with .doc or .docx file format
  2. 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins
  3. 20-page minimum and 65-page maximum: These limits do not include works cited/bibliography pages, endnotes, tables, figures, images, and appendices.
  4. Citations, works cited/bibliography pages, and footnotes should adhere consistently with the Chicago Manual of Style.
  5. Photos, pictures, graphics, figures, and tables should be submitted in a separate document. You can label in the text where this additional content should be placed. For example: A violin has two main structural features: the body and the neck (see Figure 1.2).
  6. Remove all personal information such as name, biographical info, contributors’ notes, etc. from your Word document submission. The BUJ requires this to ensure a bling submissions evaluation. You will be asked to provide this personal information in another section of the application.
  7. Include an abstract of 250 words or less.
  8. Include a Contributor’s Notes section of 150 words or less. These notes should narrate academic and biographical information of the author.

II. Manuscript Submission

The Berkeley Undergraduate Journal accepts submissions electronically. The BUJ does not require nor encourage hard paper copies for submission. The online form* consists of three sections, which are listed below in the order you will encounter them. Preparing these elements in advance will help you fill out the form quickly and easily.

*You will be prompted to create an eScholarship account.

  1. Article Submission Agreement
  2. Personal Information and Manuscript
    • Email address
    • Name of author(s)
    • Your institution
    • Article title
    • Article keywords
    • Article subject category
    • 150-word contributor’s notes, including biographical information and acknowledgements (make sure to mention your UC Berkeley graduation year and major field of study)
    • 250-word abstract
    • Manuscript (with no identifying information or page numbers) in .doc or .docx format
  3. Confirmation
    • After you have completed the Article Submission Agreement, input your personal information, and uploaded your manuscript, you will receive an e-mail that states your article has been converted to a PDF. Please print out this email and save for your records.

III. Selection Process

Submissions are reviewed anonymously, undergoing a blind review process. Publication of selected papers is conditional and contingent upon editing. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent by e-mail for all submissions. Please expect submission decisions by late April. Please do not inquire about acceptances or rejections before this time.

Original manuscripts selected for publication in BUJ may be reprinted subsequently in another publication, if the BUJ is properly credited.


Q: Who can submit to the Berkeley Undergraduate Journal (BUJ)?

BUJ: You must fulfill these requirements…

1. You must have written your manuscript and conducted the research for the manuscript during your undergraduate education at UC Berkeley.

2. You cannot submit more than one year after your graduation date. For example, if you graduated in Spring 2018, you can still submit content for consideration for the Fall 2018 issue and Spring 2019 issue, but not Fall 2019.

Q: What kinds of papers are considered for publication in the BUJ?

BUJ: The BUJ publishes exemplary essays and research from disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. Essays should be well-reasoned and well-supported. All essay genres will be considered; however, the BUJ does not accept fiction, poetry, or creative writing. The BUJ also does not reprint previously published work (from any source), in whole or in part, under any circumstances.

Q: Can I submit multiple papers for consideration?

BUJ: Yes, but only one submission per author will be published in each issue. Authors should send no more than three different manuscripts per selection period, and each manuscript should be submitted separately.

Q: Can I submit my paper simultaneously to other publications?

BUJ: Simultaneous submissions with other publications are not acceptable, unless explicit written permission for dual submission has been obtained from the BUJ Staff Advisor and the Editor-in-Chief. Furthermore, the manuscript cannot be submitted to another journal for consideration before the BUJ has reached its own decision.

Please do not contact with submission questions. This is the email of the Editor-in-Chief, therefore, e-mailing this address with submissions questions undermines the principle of blind submissions. Please direct your submission questions to our staff advisor, Leah Carroll.